Who We Are

GS Art is an online art gallery, where you can admire works from our private collection that will be presented in individual exhibitions.

GS Art is owned by a Romanian private collector boasting over 3000 artworks that had been acquired over the last 30 years. The collection comprises all types of artworks, including oil paintings, woodblock prints, engravings, etchings, drawings and sculptures.

We have sponsored and hosted tens of physical exhibitions in Romanian private galleries and national museums. Join our social media community to stay tuned on our updates and upcoming exhibitions!

At the same time, GS Art is an NFT Marketplace, where one can purchase real unique artwork-based NFTs. In other words, all artworks exhibited by us will have its unique NFT counterpart. A unique, or one-of-one NFT is the one that has been issued as a single edition. One-of-ones are seen as more scarce and therefore more valuable, since only one person can own them at a time.

You have the option to access the NFT Marketplace directly on the website main menu, not having to search for it in the virtual exhibition.

We are providing you with the best-curated exhibitions. You can find our current exhibition and become a unique collector when you purchase an NFT. Should you like one artwork or more, our Marketplace will help you start your real artwork-based NFT collection!

Each exhibited artwork is pointing a URL to OpenSea website, where one can connect the wallet and purchase the desired NFT. Each NFT sold by GS Art has an “unlockable content” that one shall access in order to redeem the digital certificate corresponding to the NFT purchased, that acts as proof of authenticity, whereby it is confirmed that the bearer owns a “one-of-one” NFT.

NFTs exist on blockchains and this is the way the uniqueness, traceability and ownership may be verified. Also, ownership of NFTs is undisputable given that, as the ownership passes from one owner to the next, it creates a unique chain, which is not easily possible with other assets.